(Re)Enter the Monster: COVID-19 and the Crisis of Capitalism. An Interview with Mike Davis.

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This interview is part of Anxo Garrido’s, Stefano G. Azzarà’s and Fabio Frosini’s project on power and the COVID-19 crisis collected in the volume 9, number 2 of Materialismo Storico (Università di Urbino Carlo Bo/ Internationale Gesellschaft Hegel-Marx). Mike Davis’ works on poverty, power and capitalism’s in contemporary societies remark the fact that consequences of what we commonly call ‘development’ is the consequence of a logic of power barely constraint by law and civil society. The interview with professor Davis ran smoothly and was mainly focus on the consequences of the current Covid-19 in deprived areas. Here I leave you the complete interview. Thank you Anxo for letting me be part of this project.


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